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Professional Resumes & CVs

Career Origin specialises in developing and building your resume, an essential marketing tool which sells the product (you) to the intended audience (the employer). Will your resume stand the test?  Read on to find out more.......

Why is a personally styled Resume/CV important? 

Your resume is the single most important tool to securing your next job.  Career Origin specialises in developing professional resumes using a variety of methods, always ensuring the resume is personally tailored to suit your personal career goals.  We don't believe in the one-size-fits-all approach.  In the same way a tailor fits an outfit to a particular body shape, we too fit your resume to suit your experiences, your qualifications, your personality,  your career objectives and life goals.  Recruiters see hundreds of resumes every week, spending no more than 15-30 seconds on each.  Our job is to improve your chances of getting your resume into the recruiters hands and be selected for an interview!


Why should I have a professional resume prepared by Career Origin?

Because we have a proven success record.  We listen to your story and we pay attention to multiple areas when it comes to developing a resume, some of which include:


  • Format/Presentation

  • Content

  • Purpose

  • History

  • Feasibility


To date Career Origin has developed resumes/CVs for hundreds of different occupations.  Check out ‘our expertise’ to see the full range.  Career Origin specialises in developing and building a marketing tool which accurately describes your capabilities and sells you!  A well designed resume does what all good marketing methods do; it sells the product (you) to the intended audience (the employer).  A recruiter will give your resume about 15 – 30 seconds of their valuable time and like it or not, resumes are commonly culled based on appearance alone.  You could be the most suited person for the role, but if your resume is difficult to read or is poorly presented it will not stand up against a pile of 100 or more other resumes.  This is the critical time when your resume will need to make the cut – into the ‘yes’ pile.  Utilising industry expertise, Career Origin has developed extensive experience in resume development.  Career Origin understands what recruiters are looking for when reading your resume and will ensure your resume is crafted to give you a competitive edge!  Career Origin will also provide ongoing support after your resume has been drafted and delivered.


What is the purpose of a resume?

A resume is a professional introduction, its sole purpose to market you and encourage your selection for a one-on-one interview.  When coupled with an effective cover letter, or introductory email, the resume can be a very strong marketing tool.  A resume is often the first line of contact in securing a sought after position.  It establishes a first impression and markets a potential employee’s skills, background and hiring value.   Consider that for each available job opening there may be as many as 100 to 1000 resumes submitted. If your resume fails to adequately and accurately convey your hiring value, fails to talk you up a notch in comparison to your competitors (other candidates), is difficult to follow and information cannot be found at a glance, then your ability to compete against those vying for the same position will be greatly diminished. 

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*The resume is comparable to a curriculum vitae or CV in many countries, although in Australia the term resume is more commonly used.

*The team at Career Origin develops functional resumes, chronological resumes and combination resumes, but more importantly we develop the resume to suit your personal career goals.

Career Origin specialises in developing and building your resume, an essential marketing tool which sells the product (you) to the intended audience (the employer). Will your resume stand the test?

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